You want to feel better. I can help. I acknowledge each client with listening, kindness and full-body balancing using massage and Bowenwork. Helping you find health and motivation to be at your physical best is my primary concern, whether you are a recreational runner seeking to alleviate aches and pains or someone who suffers from chronic pain. When treating specific injuries, chronic conditions or stress, I will partner with you to support the physical change you wish to see.

Each session is customized to address your body’s condition on the day of your appointment, without losing sight of your overall health and fitness goals. Sessions typically begin and end with a few minutes of myofascial testing to identify and assess tension patterns that can contribute to pain, postural concerns and decreased mobility. Treatment is individualized, specific and gentle. On the day of your appointment, I may recommend a Bowenwork session or a massage session.┬áMy intention is to stimulate your nervous system to release restrictions, and compensation patterns, in the connective tissue system (fascia) to produce lasting relief and change in your body.

In my life, massage, Bowenwork and mindful movement help me find awareness and mobility in my body, improving how I face the world day to day. As a therapist I work with you to nurture your body’s natural impulse to find balance and healing. Bringing treatment and relaxation to every session to ease pain and restrictions interfering with your full enjoyment of life is my highest priority.